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First things first:

An ode to the oddball.

An oddball doesn’t care about fitting in. They follow a slightly different orbit in the universe and do things their own way. Oddball Design Co. was created for the rule breakers and the risk takers; For those who claim the black sheep as their mascot and wave the freak flag with pride; And for those who refuse to conform, determined to stand out among the rest.

It takes courage to be unapologetically different but our uniqueness is what makes us valuable. Through strategic and beautiful design, Oddball Design Co. can help bring that uniqueness to the surface for everyone to see.

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“So is Oddball Design Co. only one person?”

Kind of. But not really.

Some projects call for a hodgepodge of skillsets. Oddball Design Co. is a one-woman studio + an amazing network of designers, photographers, developers, videographers, and other oddball humans who can help create and deliver anything you throw our way.

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Hi there, I’m molli.

I love exploring the city of Columbus looking for a good cocktail or a cozy coffee shop to work in. I’ve seen The Office an absurd amount of times, I have a soft spot for 90’s music, and I can’t seem to keep a plant alive. I’m just a regular oddball, navigating life and business with a smile and a sense of humor.


I created Oddball Design Co. because I was done trying to fit in.

I’ve always been a bit of an oddball. At any point in my life, when presented with a choice of, “easy peasy,” versus “who the hell knows,” I tend to choose the latter. I thrive on being a little uncomfortable. When things start to feel a little too cozy, I have to change it up.

So when I felt comfortable, I left my amazing full time job to start my own business for no reason other than to see if I could do it. It was scary and exciting and I was determined to carve my own path in life by helping others create theirs.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a mixed bag of businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries around the planet and every single one has a unique story to be told.

I work with other oddballs who are bold enough to do things their own way. My goal is to use my creativity to help bring their brands to life through meaningful design so that they can continue down their own unique path to success.


Thriving on:

Strong coffee



Live music

Gym time




Post-it notes


Wanna chit-chat? Let’s grab a drink.

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Let’s create magic together