Branding + Web Design

while every project is unique…

Every project follows a general process of discovery, planning, creation, and delivery. I work with you to find your unique story and create designs that bring that story to the surface for everyone to see.


01. Discover

Every project kicks off with a discovery meeting, taking place in a local coffee shop or over the phone. This is where you tell your story. We’ll work through the Oddball Discovery Workbook where we’ll determine your project goals, discuss your brand purpose, and identify areas for opportunity.

02. Plan

Strategizing, planning, and engrossing myself in your business helps to ensure a successful project. Using your completed workbook as a reference, I research your competitors, take note of industry trends, and create style moodboards that challenge your ideas and get you thinking like an Oddball.

03. Create

At this point, you’ve spoken, I’ve listened, and it’s time to design. Using your approved style moodboard as a reference, I work with you to improve and refine the presented design concepts and build remaining graphic elements until you have a final product that you can be proud of.

04. Deliver

BOOM. it’s time to wrap up loose ends and release your design into the world. In pixels or on paper, I deliver your final designs in an easy-to-navigate format. If you really want to make an impact, I’m more than happy to work with you to create graphics to help promote the launch of your new brand or website.

Let’s create magic together